Kani Utsusemi
An orphan born from a fortune cube, throughout her youth her powers lie dormant until Dr. Honura awakens her power of precognition. She longs to know who her parents are and believes the secret lies within the dark rift. She seeks to understand her purpose for having her powers sometimes.

Sugiro Takamuku

Already he has the power of post-cognition. He’s been fighting the dark rift since his childhood and is very experienced with his gift. Has a strong sense of justice and is determined to bring down the evil rift once and for all. Often he shows off and overexerts his power.

Dr. Jubei Honura

Very wise and prudent, and studies books on psychic abilities and powers. He’s a professor at Kyoto University who teaches a class on psychic prowess abilities. Very skilled in the mystic arts, post-cognition, circular vision, and telekinesis.


The Dark Rift

The anti-matter life force that threatens to engulf the entire astral plane. They collect fortune cubes in order to increase their psionic powers. if they capture Kani, Sugiro, and other people with dormant psionic powers, they will be omnipotent and will be able to destroy the astral plane itself and take over as the universal psionic force.

One of the lords of the dark rift. He seeks to usurp power from the enigmatic Dark Master. He will not hesitate to eliminate anyone in his way including other dark lords vying for the same prize. Claims to know Kani’s real father and about the cause of his abandonment.