Cejuan Pacer
A New recruit of EGRET academy who struggles to achieve good grades and be a great fencer and archaeologist despite his reputation as the “trouble magnet” of the school. He’s brash, heroic, and has notoriety for wisecracks and speaking his mind. He's incredibly skilled as a fencing student and uses his talents to come to the aid of those in trouble. Sometimes his friends call him C.P for short.

Early on he acquires the master orb blade and converts it into a powerful weapon.

Shannon Lynn

C.P’s best friend since 2nd grade, she’s a levelheaded young woman who knocks down when push comes to shove. She is very protective of C.P and is willing to help him out in a jam, but will not compromise her moral judgment and mindset. She knows Cejuan has and uses his Orb relic and although she tries to persuade him not to use it, she knows he must to fight evil.

Later on she takes possession of the crystal blade, which gives her the power of an Aeromancer.

Remy "Ring" Dusable

A rock star with an edge, he's one of the pursuers of the Master Orb. He eventually finds C.P and is at first skeptical of his ability but later trusts him as an ally in battle. He loves cars, guitars, jammin’ at sold-out concerts, and is extremely proud of his native heritage. In the group he usually the first to sense trouble or a trap. His main passion is his music, which he timelessly devotes his energy to.

He has the Phoenix Talon’s fire power which makes him a Pyromancer.

Kalia Thompson

Cejuan's young inventor friend and Orb researcher. She has a high IQ and spends time inventing new gadgets and gizmos that are powered by Orb energy. She informs CP whenever evil monsters attack the city with orb weapons and gives him technology to fight the threat. Kalia is secretly interested in CP’s adventures because of their possible alien connections.

Unbeknownst to C.P and Shannon, she has an Orb weapon, but prefers to help the group by providing information and support from her lab.

Jason Rolent
Cejuan’s best friend and Shannon’s "on again, off again" boyfriend. He’s one of the first friends that CP makes and shares some of his first adventures with him. He’s playful, fun-loving, a flirt, and loves to follow a crowd.

He eventually gets the Titan’s Axe and gets the power of a Geomancer.


Foxton "Hound" McCord

Hound is the leader of the "Bruisers" street gang. He and his gang of bruisers often torment others using sadistic methods which is also how they recruit youngsters into the gang. He loves to terrorize his classmates especially Cejuan whom he sees as "defiant" and will involve himself into his affairs being not only a nuisance, but as an added threat. Cejuan often dismisses his verbal threats as he knows he is just a bully that loves taunting him.

When a greedy explorer sought out the Electric Denjin talon and tried to harness it’s power it turned him into Godshok. He seeks out the master orb power for his own selfish benefits. He claims that its power will make him a god. He wields control over electricity and can discharge it, absorb it, or alter his molecular structure to become a being of pure energy.